Why is Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminating?

A tire pressure light is an important component that lets you know if the tire pressure has fallen below the minimum acceptable level. Here are some reasons that can cause your tire pressure light to illuminate.

Tire punctures and temperature fluctuations can cause changes in tire pressure. Tires typically lose about 1.5 pounds per square inch (psi) per month. When it's cold, the tire pressure light may temporarily illuminate because tire pressure becomes low overnight but quickly rises as the tires heat up. On the other hand, hot temperatures can cause the tire pressure light to illuminate because the tires over-inflate.

If you notice that your tire pressure light is illuminating, then it is best to have it inspected by our service technicians at Certified Preowned.com in Georgetown and Austin, TX. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that tire pressure monitoring systems reduce automobile collision fatalities by an estimated 120 individuals per year, so it is vital that your tire pressure light works properly.

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