We all want our car to start as soon as we turn the key. You might think that when the engine doesn't start, your battery is dead. While for some this may be the case, another issue your vehicle could have though could be an ignition issue. More specifically, it may be the starter. If your vehicle won't start, it's time to look for the warning signs that you may need a new starter.

The first indication that your starter has gone out, is often when you hear a grinding noise. The starter will often produce a grinding noise when your drive gear is not engaging properly, or simply worn out. The sound is similar to the sound you hear if you mistakenly try to start your engine while it is already running.

A starter malfunction is something you don't ever want to ignore. If you continue to ignore the grinding sound, it can escalate to damage to your vehicle's flywheel. Make an appointment now to have your vehicle's starter checked out at Certified Preowned.com, as well as any other automotive needs you may have.



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