What Makes a Dog-Friendly Vehicle?

If you're like many people in Austin and around the country, your dog is part of your family. As such, you need to consider your furry family when shopping for a vehicle. There are a number of factors to bear in mind when seeking a dog-friendly vehicle.

A dog-friendly vehicle comes with all-season floor mats and seat covers. These accoutrements are important if your pooch will be a regular passenger in you new car or truck. Also, look for a vehicle that comes with sunshades, additions that will make a car more comfortable for your companion pooch. Consider getting a vehicle with backseat climate control. Your dog's comfort and health depends upon the maintenance of an appropriate temperature when driving about.

In addition select a vehicle that has a lower backseat. As your dog ages, getting up and down from a higher backseat in a car can become a challenge. The team at Certified Preowned.com can schedule a test drive for you and your dog.


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