It's Extremely Valuable Knowing how to Change a Flat Tire

Our dealership wants to make sure you understand the importance of being able to change a flat tire. Imagine having a flat in the middle of nowhere, and the nearest tow truck is over 100 miles away. This can lead to many problems.

Always make sure you carry a spare tire, car jack, lug wrench, warning devices, and a flashlight. First, find a safe place to park and deploy your emergency warning devices. Begin using the wrench to slightly loosen the lug nuts. Use your owner's manual to locate the steel area designed for raising the vehicle. Raise the vehicle and remove the lug nuts and the flat tire. Put on your spare and turn the lug nuts clockwise to tighten. Lower the car and re-check the lug nuts.

It's best to drive safely to avoid blow-outs. When it's unavoidable, we would love to repair your flat. Please call our service department for an appointment today.

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