How Does Subaru X-MODE Work?

January 14th, 2019 by

2019 Subaru Outback on Dusty TrailThe Subaru X-MODE® feature optimizes the performance of your vehicle so it can handle a variety of road conditions. If you have been looking for a new vehicle, and wondering if the Subaru Outback X-MODE® will deliver the performance you want, read on to learn more about this feature’s capabilities.

Benefits of X-MODE®

Activate the Subaru Crosstrek X-MODE® and you will find performance benefits including:

  • Extra power delivered to the wheels that have grip
  • Direct power to slipping wheels
  • Enhanced performance of the traction control system
  • Automatic activation of Hill Descent Control when you need it

How X-MODE® Works

X-MODE® increases the capabilities of multiple vehicle systems, including:

  • Engine Throttle: The X-MODE® system prevents the engine throttle from opening too quickly. A special setting means your Subaru will deliver torque more slowly at first and then come on stronger when needed.
  • Transmission: While X-MODE® is ON, it keeps the transmission in a lower gear so you receive stronger power from the engine.
  • All Wheel Drive: Dallas drivers can get optimum traction and power from their AWD system when X-MODE® raises the front and rear coupling force.
  • Vehicle Dynamics Control System: Experience enhanced control to provide braking to a wheel that is slipping to improve control.
  • Hill Descent Control: Under 12 mph, this will help your vehicle maintain starting speed by managing the throttle and braking.

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