Car Wax Protects Paint and Acts as a Barrier From Harmful Elements

Summer is almost here which means the time is right for going to the beach. Summer brings us bright sunny days, warm weather, fun in the sun and the occasional day of stormy weather. Though we enjoy spending our days having fun in the sun, the strong UV rays and torrential downpour can damage our car’s paint job. Exposure to these elements can cause a car’s paint to chip, peel and eventually lead to surface rust of the car’s body.

Car wax can prevent this from happening and make a paint job shiny. Car wax is made up of wax, oil and other solvents. They work together to make the paint hydrophobic which repels water and helps it slide off of the car. This helps prevent long term water damage. The layer of wax also acts as a barrier between UV rays and the paint, this protects the paint from fading.

Aside from providing a barrier from the elements, Wax also helps give your cars paint a nice shiny finish. The reason for this is, Wax helps fill in gaps and scratches that have built up in the clear coat over time. It fills these micro scratches which help the natural color of the paint shine through.

Car wax can help preserve a paint job, make washing a car easier and make it look showroom fresh. It’s a smart idea to apply car wax every now and then to make your car look its best.

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