When a vehicle is equipped with great seats, every road trip is a comfortable experience. The Subaru Ascent is a fan-favorite automobile because it has a well-designed cabin that features very comfortable seats and practical features.

In the Ascent's cabin, the large captain's chairs stand out. They're not designed like regular seats; these chairs are much larger, so they provide a higher level of support and comfort. Behind these chairs, you'll find a pair of traditional seats. Although they're not tall like the captain's chairs, they still provide plenty of comfort.

The easiest way to test the seats by is hopping inside of an Ascent at CertifiedPreowned.com. While you're in the cabin, you can check out other standard features, such as the bottle and cup holders. Our dealership is found in Georgetown, TX, and we arrange test drives by the lot. If you need help buying an Ascent, we offer financing.

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