It's easy to see why Subaru Ascent is among the most popular three-row SUVs in its class. It seats a ton of people, carries a bunch of cargo and tows thousands of pounds like it's nobody's business. Our team at Certified also loves how Ascent combines its power and capability with advanced safety and tech features.

Cameras Galore

Never miss another shred of action on the road. With Ascent, you can keep your eyes on the road and on everything else at the same time. Ascent's rearview camera captures what's behind you and displays it on the smart rearview mirror. A 180-degree front-view camera gives you a front row seat to the whole horizon and what's on either side of you.

Rear Collisions Be Gone

On top of Ascent's backup camera, it offers Reverse Automatic Braking. Thanks to this feature Ascent stops itself automatically if it senses objects in its path or an imminent collision as you back up.

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