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Are you ready to step into the future? At Polestar Austin, you'll find a lineup of next-generation electric vehicles that deliver power, elegance, and luxury that will look great today and for years to come. With this next-generation technology and an homage to their luxurious heritage, you're sure to find something exciting when you visit Polestar Austin.

Why Choose Polestar EVs?

When it's time to choose an electric vehicle to propel you into your automotive future, Polestar is bringing the best of the best. An overall experience that is designed to both delight your senses and take advantage of the latest technology means you get both a visceral feel behind the wheel and enough supporting tech to let you drive with confidence in any conditions. A series of sensors is always scanning the world around you to provide information for the semi-autonomous driving modes that range from adaptive cruise control to active lane tracing. It's a simple set of features that make it easier than ever to enjoy your time behind the wheel, no matter what type of driver you are.

The electric motors that power our Polestar 1 and Polestar 2 models deliver instant torque at any speed, making them more exciting to drive than even the most powerful gasoline-powered vehicles. Whether you're sitting still or already cruising at highway speeds, putting your foot down will release the full weight of the electric power, putting a smile on your face on command.

Of course, safety is a critical component as well, with surround view monitors, lane keep assist, and automatic emergency braking features that are active even without autonomous driving modes enabled. It's an added layer of safety that will allow you to drive with confidence, and it comes standard on all of our Polestar models.

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